FLAGG Consulting Engineers were appointed by Fezile Dabi District Municipality in July 2017 “for assistance with the implementation of the Rural Road Asset Management System (RRAMS)”.  The programme is due to be taken over by the local municipalities by August 2020.

The programme entails the compilation of an asset register for all the roads under municipal authority within the district. With the following data included in the register:

  • Road condition data as per tmh9, tmh12 and the SANRAL M3-1 document.
  • Road classification data as per tmh26
  • Visual assessment data of road structures as per tmh19
  • Traffic count data
  • Inventory data on all street furniture

System Outputs

The original extent of the road network under assessment is 2284km. For the 2014/2015 financial year a total of 925 km of roads were assessed, 40% of the 2284 km of roads for the Fezile Dabi district. Of these assessed roads, 818 km was paved roads consisting of flexible pavement as well as block paved roads. The remaining 107 km of roads assessed was unpaved roads consisting of gravel and earth roads. No road structures or furniture has been assessed to date, the assessment thereof is planned to commence during the 2015/2016 financial year.

Student / Graduate participation

Graduates are actively involved in the data capturing of assessed roads, the processing thereof and reporting the assessed data into the required formats (e.g. status of roads assessed for the monthly and quarterly reports). Graduates participate in the monthly as well as the quarterly meetings and are often tasked to report back on the assessed data at these meetings. The planning for which team to assess which town at what dates are also done by them. The data preparation done for submission as per THM 18 are also done by the graduates.

Four graduates has been employed to undertake the assessment of the road network after intense training on road assessment was done.

Graduates were appointed in February 2015 and trained in-house for road visual assessment, and continued with manual record of the visual assessments. In April 2015 the assessment recording process was changed to capture the data electronically with the use of mobile tablet computers. The students were provided with hands on training and since have been recording the visual assessments electronically on the mobile tablet computers.


Mobile road assessment data capturing software (Mobicap) was acquired and Mr Rob Maguire of the Mobicap Visual Assessments Company was appointed by FLAGG to train the graduates in carrying out visual road assessments by using Mobicap software and the tablet computers.

The outcome is an updated roads assets register and for the local municipalities to continue this programme within their structures and use the data to source funding for the maintenance and construction of roads.